54 Reasons

A 14,000 ft journey to raise awareness for inner-city kids​

Nature is a place of solace, reflection, and healing. These qualities have long been cherished by those who have the privilege to seek them out. However, the ones who could benefit from these healing qualities the most don’t regularly have the ability to access it.

54 Reasons is a cause marketing campaign designed to grant inner-city youth living in the Denver Metro area access to this necessary resource with the aim of providing them with a life-changing experience.

A Startling Reality

  • 15% of these children have been exposed to gang violence.
  • 44% are from a single-parent household
  • 82% live below the poverty line

What’s more, is overwhelmingly their worlds are confined to a two-mile radius of their homes.

Overview of 54 Reasons


Partnership Recruitment

Timing: Currently underway
Through our strategic partnerships, all involved partners will be ideally positioned to benefit from this campaign with strategic exposure through a community social impact campaign.


Marketing and Promotions

Timing: April - campaign conclusion
Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for partners.


Campaign Execution

Timing: June - September 2023

  • Broaden the worlds of Denver's inner-city youth by guiding them up some easy 14ers.
  • Generate awareness and funds for an inner-city-based nonprofit and their mission of providing their kids with an enriching environment that inspires and empowers them to achieve their greatest potential.
  • Mike Sullivan (founder of Peak Marketing) will endeavor to climb all Colorado 14ers in one season to raise awareness and funds for the nonprofit and to support the campaign.